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We're striving to make sure that everyone can own a genuine work of art that will stand the test of time

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Custom orders from your sketches
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Custom orders from your sketches
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Welcome to our
Now living in Poland with four amazing kids. We embrace homeschooling and work together as a team. Our love for God shines through in everything we do. Singing in the church choir and crafting Christian wooden items are our passions. Explore our collection for inspiring pieces that speak to your heart. Let's create something special together.
Orthodox Family!
We're Artem and Lena, a couple from Ukraine
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In 2012, Artem's idea to create wooden molds for Easter curd pudding sparked our family business. Our portfolio now boasts an impressive array of over 100 distinct products
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12 years of experience
Explore our carefully crafted carved creations, perfect for sprucing up your home and interior. These charming pieces also make great gifts for your loved ones.
Finished products
We're here to cater to your needs! We have the capability to bring your project to life based on your sketches, dimensions, and photographs.
Custom orders
We possess the capability to undertake even the most intricate projects, encompassing elements like gold plating, diverse wood types, and a range of colors.


Our woodworking process is a fascinating journey, blending intricate craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in exquisite, high-quality wooden creations that stand the test of time.
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These are the finished products that have been successfully delivered to our satisfied customers!
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finished products

Custom orders

From sketches to reality, let us bring your vision to life with expert craftsmanship. Elevate your space with a truly unique masterpiece.
Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship. Imagined by you, crafted by us.
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Using Your Drawings and Pictures
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Any Complexity of Work
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Answer these four questions, and you'll receive:
  • A personalized price for your custom order.
  • An array of material options to suit your preferences.
  • A swift project plan tailored to your needs.
  • Comprehensive answers to all your inquiries.
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Answer these four questions, and you'll receive:
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Custom orders in 6 stages

[ Stages ]
  1. Which item are we focusing on? (altar table, pulpit, lectern, etc.)
  2. Specify dimensions: height, length, width, and any related size details.
  3. Color choice: Pick from our collection or provide the paint name/number or a photo for color matching.
  4. Functional aspects: Features like doors, wheels, inscriptions, etc.
  5. This helps us tailor the project to your precise needs.

Defining the Project

  1. Sketch: Primarily to visualize proportions and key elements of the product.
  2. Materials: We present the proposed materials for the product, including wood types and supplementary materials (plywood, MDF, etc.).


  1. Production Time: The duration of the crafting process.
  2. Shipping Options: Choose between sea and air shipments, with corresponding costs.
  3. Total Cost: Based on terms, materials, and delivery.
  4. Contractual Details: We'll send you a contract outlining all order-related details for your review.


  1. Prepayment: To initiate the project, a 50% advance payment is required.
  2. Detailed Drawing: A comprehensive drawing is created as the groundwork for crafting.
  3. Work Commencement: After completing the drawing, we begin crafting.
  4. Completion Verification: We'll share a photo of the finished product for your confirmation.
  5. Final Payment: Upon approval, the remaining 50% payment is requested.
  6. Product Delivery: After the final payment, we ship the completed product to you.

Our work starts now!


Wood selection

  1. At your convenience, we offer several payment options:
  2. PayPal: Secure and hassle-free payments.
  3. Bank Transfer: Direct payment through your bank.
  4. Alternative Transfer Services: Western Union, Money Gram, and similar methods.
  5. Upon payment, you will receive an official invoice, tailored to your company or individual details, for your records.

Making a Payment

We extend our shipping services to every corner of the globe, utilizing trusted carriers like Priority Shipping Post of Poland, FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL.

Typically, delivery times range from 1 to 4 weeks, contingent upon your specific location.Upon shipping your order, you will receive tracking numbers to monitor the progress of your delivery. Please note that shipping costs are calculated individually for each order, considering factors such as the number of parcels, weight, and your destination country. Your order will be insured. Kindly be aware that buyers are responsible for any applicable customs and import taxes, and we cannot control delays due to customs processing

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